Thursday, January 14, 2010

Hyperstar v/s Makro and Metro

It is good that such big groups like Makro, Metro and now taking interest in doing business with Pakistan.

Hyperstar shopping bag

Retailers not Wholesalers

Makro and Metro both are wholesalers where as this is the first retail store at this big scale in Lahore. There is a certain minimum shopping limit in first two stores, like Model Town Makro has a minimum shopping limit of Rs. 500/- where as in Hyperstar you could even buy one drinking water bottle. Prices of course vary; in Metro you could have 1.5 liter water bottle of Nestle for nearly Rs. 20/- (but you are bound to buy a whole pack of 6 bottles) on the other hand Hyperstar is selling a single bottle at retail price i.e. Rs. 28/.

Double Storey

First thing I notice when I enter into the shopping area that it is very small as compare to other two but when I was leaving, I get to know that it is double storey. I’ve been used to travel long at same floor like we do in Metro and Makro. Now I’ve to go upstairs as well, Oh here is the sports section. Hyperstar’s Upper storey has electronics, sports, books, perfumes, cosmetics, garments and toys section, where lower storey has food and daily consuming goods. It has entry and exits from both stories upper or lower which directly takes you to the parking area

No Cafe Inside

When I reach there I was dead thirsty, I thought to get something inside the Hyperstar’s cafe as we have in Metro and Makro but I was disappointed not to see eating area inside it. I took the drinking water bottle, came out to drink it, then they sealed the bottle in shopping bag if I’ve to carry it. Otherwise they have well bakery section which has all those stuff needed to have in a cafe


They are located in a ideal market which is already running good: Fortress Stadium. Where as Metro build there store at the boundaries of Lahore; one at Thokar and other near Airport. But Makro has changed their policy to build their second store at Model Town link road after building their first mart near Ravi river (other boundary of Lahore).

shoper bag's price

in mikro and metro per shoper bag's price is 5 Rs where as in hyperstar there is no shoper bag price.


abdul... said...


I wanted to aware all of the customers that Metro is seriously involved in human rights violation. No mother is allowed to bring her child under 10 with her in the store. This is a serious issue and it is totally against human rights. Metro is from Germany and in Germany all Metro stores (Kaufhof, in Germany it is famous as Kaufhof) have no such ban, why it is in Pakistan.