Thursday, January 14, 2010

C2C marketing

Consumer-to-consumer (C2C) (or citizen-to-citizen) electronic commerce involves the electronically-facilitated transactions between consumers through some third party. A common example is the online auction, in which a consumer posts an item for sale and other consumers bid to purchase it; the third party generally charges a flat fee or commission. The sites are only intermediaries, just there to match consumers. They do not have to check quality of the products being offered.
C2C are becoming more popular amongst students in universities because these are large communities in the same geographical region that are low on money. So they are looking for deals very often and these kinds of websites offer this. Universities themselves set up places for students to sell textbooks and other stuff to other students, you can even advertise that you are subletting your apartment.
examples include:


syed hassan raza said...

MyCampus would also be a good example. But should consumer to consumer marketing include a third party? I think that in theory it should not but in reality such transactions will not be possible if there is no third party to facilitate these consumers.

Azeem Akhtar said...

may be facebook also a good example because they give offer to user's that they can advertise their product or service which attract other user's

saadia tahir said...

ya thats true mycampus is a gud example of it.
and hassan it says that there is a third party involved which charges a flat fee or a commission.

saadia tahir said...

and azeem m sure facebook is an example of it too..but i dont know for sure whether they advertise for C2C or not since all i see are ads like mobilink etc or some boutique ad etc m not sure whether it has the "C2C" element.