Friday, October 16, 2009

Definition: stock keeping unit (SKU)

Stock keeping unit (SKU):
"Warehousing item that is unique because of some characteristic (such as brand, size, color, model) and must be stored and accounted for separate from other items. Every SKU is assigned a unique identification number (inventory or stock number) which is often the same as (or is tied to) the item's EAN or UPC."

In the picture below you can notice in the inventory window SKU.Image source

Monday, October 12, 2009

The blog is born

Hi All

Welcome to the mgmt280 blog. I look forward to very healthy discussions and discoveries in this space. 

A few rules:

-Please do not copy paste stuff here from others works. But you are definitely expected to post links to interesting readings/videos related to the material discussed in class. Please also post your comments when you post such links.

-Please respect one another's opinion on this blog. Remember this is a learning space and disagreements are good. However, please debate disagreements for the sake of getting to the truth in a cultured proper way. 

-You are expected to enter at least one post/comment per week. 

So let the blogging and commenting begin!!!