Thursday, January 14, 2010

"Business Buyer Behavior"

Business-to-business marketing involves a complex web of relationships between buyers and sellers that occur at many different levels, e.g., the individual, the interfunctional team, the business unit, or the corporation. Important issues for marketers include the identity of influencers and decision-makers in more complex purchase decisions; managing relationships with customers in the product development as well as sales stage; the impact of new information/communications technology on the use of marketing information and on the linkages that bind buyers and sellers; and the formation of strategic alliances between buyers and sellers.


syed hassan raza said...

An example of business to business marketing can be the Caterpillar company which produces stuff related to the construction industry. An example in your post would had made it more interesting.

Azeem Akhtar said...

fair n enough plz give an local example.