Thursday, January 14, 2010

"Pricing Strategy"

Pricing strategies are a sometimes-overlooked part of the marketing mix. They can have a large impact on profit, so should be given the same consideration as promotion and advertising strategies. A higher or lower price can dramatically change both gross margins and sales volume. This indirectly affects other expenses by reducing storage costs, for example, or creating opportunities for volume discounts with suppliers.
Other factors also determine your optimal pricing strategy. Consider the five forces that influence other business decisions: your competitors, your suppliers, the availability of substitute products, and your customers.


syed hassan raza said...

Porter's five forces affects the pricing strategies of companies. For example, weak bargaining power of customers led to the abnormal hike in sugar prices in Pakistan.

Azeem Akhtar said...

ya pricing strategy has a huge impact on company profit so the company should select price according to their product because higher or lower price can dramatically change the situation