Saturday, January 16, 2010

Stealth Marketing

In stealth marketing, rather than using the traditional channels of advertising through TV, newspapers, billboards etc, companies use a variety of non-traditional means. Because of the large number of methods that can be employed, there are no restrictions to this definition. Good examples if stealth marketing is how well known brands are shown as a part of the storyline of a movie or a TV show. Like in the Transformers movie, General Motors loaned Chevrolet Camaro, a recently introduced model at the time to play the role of Bumblebee. this generated a lot of publicity for the car. And also in the movie Evolution, where a well known shampoo head and shoulders was used to fight the alien.
Other forms include people or actors hired by firms to stealthily promote their products. A relevant example from the article pasted below would be someone pretending to be a tourist asks you to take his picture from his camera phone. What this does is that the person who will take the picture would take interest in the phone and hence will want to know more about it.

For more information on stealth marketing, read the article below: