Saturday, January 16, 2010

Direct Mail Marketing
The most frequently used medium for direct marketing is direct mail, an advertising disciplin in which marketing communications such as real estate post cards, sales brochures and business booklets and mortgage door hangers are sent right to customers using the postal service.
In developed countries like the US and UK, bulk rates allow marketers to send direct mail at lower rates than first-class mail, rendering direct mail a significant percentage of total postal volume.Direct mail enables the marketer to use various direct mail designs and direct mail pieces.g

Direct mail enables the marketer to use various direct mail designs and direct mail pieces. In fact, an entire stratum within the direct mail industry deals with direct mail materials such as brochure paper and post card templates for direct mail printing.
           Marketing objectives and goals for direct mail advertising can be more customer-oriented, such as upgrading customer service, building top-shelf customer loyalty and fueling higher purchase from existing customers.

Other direct marketing plan objectives include delivering company news, bringing in foot traffic, responding to competitors and testing product or service appeal. Direct mail services may also attempt to build up brand awareness or bolster other marketing initiatives with a direct mail marketing campaign.


NMOA said...

When using direct mail, or any marketing tactic, make sure you have an idea of what the Long Term Value of a new customer is, and what is an acceptable cost to acquire these new customers. Some people new to direct marketing use direct mail one time and say it didn't work for them because the amount of initial sales from new customers didn't pay for the mailing. Yet if they figured in how much a new customer would spend over the next year or years, they may find out that the effort was hugely successful.

If you are looking for direct mail marketing statistics to plan a successful marketing campaign, two studies are available from the National Mail Order Association, NMOA. They are, the DMA Statistical Fact Book, and the Response Rate Trends Report,