Wednesday, January 20, 2010

OUT of the Frying Pan into the F!re

Most of us do not have a part time or rather full time job and summers are the only time we can earn those big bucks for ourselves. So why do we intern?

Simple, so that we aren’t completely blank on our first, full time, money earning job! But that’s only till you are a student, the next step is “out of the frying pan into the fire, I mean the job”

Finally the competition’s over and your job on, now what? What can you expect on the first day of the job?

After stunning your employer with your cover letter, resume, and interview, what do you have to do and what should you know? A few things you might be able to expect:

1st Meeting with boss.

One purpose of the first meeting with your supervisor is for you to find out exactly what kind of fire you’ve gotten yourself into. In this meeting, you should be able to determine your supervisor’s expectations of you and clarify your areas of responsibility of your new position. It is also an opportunity for you to voice your goals and objectives, and ask any questions you may have at this time. (or forever be silent :D)

2nd Round.

You will most likely be taken around for a tour of the place, showing you your work space. This is your first chance to meet everyone in your work environment and find out the people with whom you’ll be working or running into during your time there. Most are accommodating of new employees and you’ll learn soon who’ll be your fire extinguisher.

3rd Get to know where’s what.

It’s really bad to get lost in your work place, try finding out where the cafĂ© is the bathroom, the nearest exit, the elevator or even codes to the doors. It would be embarrassing if a stranger walks into you looks at your office ID card and wants directions to some place .

4th Familiarize yourself.

Read any literature about your job and the company you’re hired by. Go through any materials that may have been left for you by your supervisor or former employees in your position. Get hold of some sample projects that previous employees have held in that position before you. Browse through old files on your computer system or through the department’s internet or intranet site. Go through hard copy files in the filing cabinet. Yes and since the work environment leans on an internet connection, make sure yours is working.

5th Lots to learn.

Some of you may be left with lots of room to learn the ropes on your own as you go. Or, you may receive some form of formal or informal training in how to do your responsibilities and training in the company procedures and policies.

6th It’s your turn now!

Everyone has their own experiences to learn, reuse and tell. After getting out of FC we have to find our ways around these tunnels but thats two years from now........