Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Dell Marketing Strategy

The Dell marketing strategy was simple and basic. Cut out the middleman and sell the product cheaper. Offer great customer service by giving the customer exactly what they want.

There you have it. That is how Dell is about to become the largest company in the world selling computers. They did it by building computers made to order for the customer. By handling all the sales (retail) themselves. If you want a Dell computer you can only get it from Dell. Their marketing strategy allowed them to pass the savings onto the customer.

online Dell marketing strategiesOnline Dell Marketing Strategies

Now, the ONLINE Dell marketing strategies are nothing different either. They do exactly what everybody else has to do.
  • Targeting: They have to know who is buying computers and where online these people are going
  • Tracking: They have to track advertising results and make adjustments
  • Relationships: They build relationships with the people they advertise with
The internet is a powerful force in the business world for selling products. What makes it so powerful?

Targeting Online Marketing

Understanding who your market is and where they hang out is so much easier to find out. It becomes very easy to target your customer when you know, for example: That every person who goes to a website called is very likely to be interested in buying a computer or peripheral. So your marketing plan should call for contacting that website and setting up advertising or getting them to review your computerInstant Targeted Advertising.

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