Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Importance of leadership Skills

Few things are more important to human activity than
leadership. Effective leadership helps our nation through times
of peril. It makes a business organization successful. It
enables a not-for-profit organization to fulfill its mission. The
effective leadership of parents enables children to grow strong
and healthy and become productive adults.
The absence of leadership is equally dramatic in its effects.
Without leadership, organizations move too slowly, stagnate,
and lose their way. Much of the literature about organizations
stresses decision-making and implies that if decision-making
is timely, complete, and correct, then things will go well. Yet
a decision by itself changes nothing. After a decision is made,
an organization faces the problem of implementation—how to
get things done in a timely and effective way.
Problems of implementation are really issues about how
leaders influence behavior, change the course of events, and
overcome resistance. Leadership is crucial in implementing
decisions successfully.
Each of us recognizes the importance of leadership when we
vote for our political leaders. We realize that it matters who is
in office, so we participate in a contest, an election, to choose
the best candidate.
Investors recognize the importance of business leadership
when they say that a good leader can make a success of a weak
business plan, but that a poor leader can ruin even the best