Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Comapnies like nestle, coca cola, etc are making profits mainly on brand image or maintaining standard aswel?
I think they are just utilizing thier name bkoz i have been using products of nestle from the past ten years and thier qualtiy has not been maintained now. They are just raising thier prices but not thier quality and same is the case with most of the other multi national companies aswell


TAHIR AZAD said...
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TAHIR AZAD said...

I totally agree with U mostly multinational co are generating profits on their brand name. But as u mention abt nestle quality at that point i dont agree with u. I think quality of nestle improve swiftly as compared to 10 year back. Just take a product for example like nestle yougrat. I think its far away batter now then 10 year back. And they also lounched new products in which yougrat involved like Podina Raita. Which is another perfect product of nestle. I think their quality is not gone down, but it is improved.