Thursday, January 21, 2010

One of the Levi's Marketing Strategy:
Consumer research told Levis that customers found shopping for dress pents gave remarks as: slacks dept were dirty, finding the right size was difficult, and getting alternation was frustrating. Customers wanted Cash and Carry, off-the-rack dress pents. So Levi's devised a carefully crafted strategy to overcome the typical male distaste for dress pents shopping. Slates were sold in scientifically tested selling areas consisting of mohogany-toned circular store displays that allows easy access to the various styles and sizes. Levi's also responded with off-the-rackpants that require little altering. whereas most dress pents come only in even waist sizes, forcing alternations for off-size men, slates also come in odd sizes. All slates are hemmed and cuffed and have double pleats in the front. For customers with larger waist sizes, the pleats are more kindly placed.

posted by Abd ur Rehman