Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The leadership question – Your feedback please!

If you checked out the social media activity of 100 businesspeople, do you think you would find many leaders?

Leaders lead: They have the courage to offer their own unique opinions and views. They act like leaders, from the front.

Followers follow: They copy what others do and share what their leaders have the courage to say and do. They act like followers, hidden within a crowd.

Personally, I see VERY, very few businesspeople in social media with leader profiles. However, I see a LOT of businesspeople, who seem to follow the crowd and just say / do what’s safe

The reason for this post

I’m curious what type of message it sends out to prospective clients or customers, when businesspeople sit back and play follow the leader, rather than displaying leadership themselves.

Would that kind of profile impact YOUR decision to hire a consultant or coach? If so, would that impact be positive or negative? I would REALLY value your opinion, so what do you think?