Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Impetus to global marketing involvement

Individuals or organisations may get involved in International Marketing in a rather unplanned way which gives the impetus to more formal and larger operations. This may happen in a number of ways:
Foreign customers
Unsolicited enquiries through word of mouth, visits, exhibitions, and experience through others may result in orders. This is often typical of small scale organisations.
Importers may be looking for products unavailable in domestic markets, for example, mangoes in the UK, or products which can be imported on more favourable terms. An example of these is flowers from Kenya to Holland.
These may be of four types - domestic based export merchants, domestic based export agents, export management companies or cooperative organisations. These will be expanded on later in this text. Sometimes an intermediary may provide export services in an attempt to reduce their own costs on the export of their own produce by acting as a representative for other organisations. This is called "piggybacking".
Other sources
These may include banks, export organisations like ZIMTRADE, parastatals like the Kenyan Horticultural Crop Development Authority or even individual executives.