Sunday, January 17, 2010

Ethnographic research:

Ethnographic research is a form of observational research that involves sending trained observers to watch and interact with consumers in their natural habitat. It is to understand another way of life from native point of view. Rather than studying people, ethnography means learning from people. The advantages of ethnographic studies are as under:

  • It provides opportunities for researchers to study in depth the ways of life and various cultural aspects of human population groups.
  • It allows researchers to use a variety of unique methods. it typically includes direct field observations, participant observation, focus groups and interviews.
  • It permit researchers to observe and study the culture, cultural processes and how these processes develop over time for a particular group in a comprehensive fashion.
  • Ethnographic studies are advantageous for researchers to witness, observe, experience and describe the behavioral processes of individuals with human population groups and groups as a whole.
  • It presents the opportunity for researchers to offer rich and thorough commentary on human culture, behavior and society as a whole. This further enriches understanding of human experience and condition.