Sunday, January 17, 2010

Best Blogger Award

Not surprisingly, rather admirably, it goes to Mr. Hassan Raza by Umer Toor Blog. There certainly are many bloggers among us that deserve any of the blog awards, but those who do, lack in consistently, mostly, which is a characteristic of any excellent blogger. And, above all, I can give only one award... Other bloggers whom I'd given award, again not surprisingly, firstly, to Taha Saeed; Faizaan Ali (second best for all awards); Aqsa Bashir; Omar Farooq, he's a natural writer, i can only add;.

Why Hassan? For the following distinguishing characteristic posts:
  • It's short. But brevity is sacrificed in the favor of clarity. 
  • It's up-to the point. 
  • It's very relevant. (I always read him posts to memorize/learn book concepts, and it helped in the grand quiz.)
  • It's supported by a full article. So you can read his posts as introductions to business journal articles by professionals.
  • You never fail to find an example, rather its always central to the content.
  • They are large in quantity as well. Yet each post is unlike those (still) copy-paste posts nobody looks at for they're tossed in the air without giving any thought they may be useless.
You're welcome to disagree, and throw eggs ;)


Syed Ahmad Hashmi said...

Toor I think there is a tight competition between Rabbia Nasir and Hassan. I think they Both should share this Award. Ali Nawaz too highlighted useful aspects that gave a quick revision for the Mega Quiz. Aqsa provided us with useful cartoons that illustrated important marketing concepts.
All did their best to make this blog versatile and informative.
I appreciate your efforts as a member of the jury