Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Benefits of Advertising on the Internet.

The Primary Benefit of internet advertising is that it is very cheap. secondly it gives you the benefits of videos, pictures audio and customer interaction all in one go. For example some ads have games in them and others compel you to click by asking questions. This interactivity can intrigue the customer and make them develop interest the product. Also product information can be obtained quickly as all the customer has to do is click the link on the ad, which takes him to the company or product website.

References: Principles of Marketing by Kotler and Armstrong


Sheikh Muhammad Talha said...

What companies should keep in mind while advertising on the internet is the target market. Products should be advertised on relevant websites. For example a company manufacturing industrial plants should advertise on an industrial blog or portal and NOT facebook. And someone selling trendy T-shirts should do the opposite. While surfing the web, I have noticed that sometimes, adds aren't in the right place. That results in wastage of resources.

So whether it's print media or electronic media, the target market should be kept in mind and advertisements should be placed accordingly.

Waqar Tahir said...

well Talha, what facebook creator originally intended was that facebook be used for marketing. what ever u say on your profile info, you will be able to see advertisements related to that and if say for example i m an industrialist and on facebook i see some industry related add i wont mind it rather i will be grateful to facebook.