Wednesday, January 20, 2010

ABC's of Marketing Communication

Today i find an interesting concept of Marketing communication. Which is known as ABC concept of marketing communicaion.

ABC's of marketing communitation Stands for " always be communicating" to attract and retain the customers. which i am trying to describe beriefly.

1- Always mean to creat , consistant, relaible and attrective messages to your customers. try to repeat the message no matter whther its about new product, promotion of product but your message should be repeat again and again whetehr on print media, electronic media.

2- Be clear, be concious,be specific mean ur mesage should be crispy, attention getter, and easy to understand. Because now a days people dont have much time to think in deep thought about your product. If your message will be punchy then there are more chances to get more attention of your customers.

3- Communicating with customers states that always attach with ur customers. Now a days customers are more likely to respond in a marketing communition ,by giving feedback. It can be possible through attaining online forums,helding survays and other practices.

ABC Marketing communication is an important tool to involve and attract more customers towards your businss. It helps to develop a base for your customers. Effective communication will help to increase the customer loyality. And there is also a posibility that existing customers might produce new customers by telling them about your efficint network of communicating with customers.