Monday, January 18, 2010

Why Gourmet Soft Drinks Are Hit:
There is one problem that you can’t find Gourmet soft drinks from any shop like international brands (Pepsi, Coca Cola company) are found. You can find these international brands from Pan Wala and any general store where as Gourmet soft drinks are only available in their own outlets. But now they have more than 90 outlets in Lahore which cover almost every part of Lahore so people use to travel a little far to have Gourmet soft drinks.

This is not because of their superior taste. They also know that there taste is not as good as international brands are giving but their prices are low. Mostly Gourmet drinks are used in 1.5 litre which is of Rs. 45 and other big brands are of Rs. 60.
Other reason is their outlets, which are very neat & clean and give a high quality look. Generally people like Gourmet outlets environment and believe that products are of good quality.
So now it’s your turn, let me know your experience with Gourmet soft drinks: How much you love it? or How much you hate it?
posted by Abd ur Rehman