Monday, January 18, 2010

Society or the Customer in Societal Marketing

Guys, there are some companies which think that by portraying themselves to the consumers as being socially responsible, these companies will be able to attract more customers. In societal marketing, there are three aspects which should be considered. Those three aspects are the customers, the company and the society. If the company will only focus on the society and end up ignoring the needs and wants of the consumers, it will sign its own death warrant. This is an extract of the article I read:

"Here's an example: I recently discovered a nice Spanish Tempranillo wine at Trader Joe's. It's made by Albero, it's organic and it's only $6 a bottle. If Albero has slapped an organic premium on the bottle--selling it, say, for $15--I may never have tried it. And if it wasn't organic, I probably wouldn't be a raving fan. But because it's cheap, delicious and organic, Albero can consider me its best customer".

Guys, check out this article and do give feedback.