Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sales cycle

The Sales Cycle term generally describes the time and/or process between first contact with the customer to when the sale is made. Sales Cycle times and processes vary enormously depending on the company, type of business (product/service), the effectiveness of the sales process, the market and the particular situation applying to the customer at the time of the enquiry. The Sales Cycle time is also referred to as the Sale Gestation Period (ie from conception to birth - enquiry to sale). The Sales Cycle in a sweet shop is less than a minute; in the international aviation sector or civil construction market the Sales Cycle can be many months or even a few years. A typical Sales Cycle for a moderately complex product might be:

1. receive enquiry

2. qualify details

3. arrange appointment

4. customer appointment

5. arrange survey

6. conduct survey

7. presentation of proposal and close sale