Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Qualities of Good Businessman

1. Business Ability

For the success of any business it is essential that a businessman must possess the sounds knowledge of market, product, technological development, scientific .inventions, innovation, organization and business laws.

2. Good Appearance

This is a prominent quality required in a businessman. It help him much to win the opinion of the public.

3. Spirit to Co-Operate

This businessman shall be a good Co-operator, and so a good businessman. He must be able to compromise adjust, adapt, and be willing to admit that his judgment may on occasions be wrong. Besides he must be temperamentally fitted to exercise a divided authority.

4. Well Balanced

A businessman must be a well balanced man of talent. He must have a consistent mind for clearness, steadiness and firmness in his dealings with others.

5. Sincerity and Honesty

A businessman should be sincere and honest in his business activities. His own and the form's reputation depends on honesty.

6. Enthusiasms

The next quality without which no one should consider a profession as a I businessman, is enthusiasm for his activities, for an unsettled life, and for long hours and for the people who is going to meet.

7. Dependability

The successful businessman should have the capacity of dependability. He should use every effort to hold it constant and dependable, so that those who work under it know what to expect as it remains unfluctuating from day today.

8. Courtesy

Courtesy is to business what oil is to machinery. It costs nothing but wins a reputation. So businessman has to win the heart of everyone with his polite manners.

9. Alertness

A businessman must be alert to the opportunities surrounding his business. He must keep in touch with the world, and not keep himself to himself.

10. Sociability

Another notable quality of the businessman is ability to mix with anyone within a minute or two. He must get himself introduced to an unknown persons within a short time.

11. Financial Ability

Finance is an important factor for successful operation of the business. Without adequate finance no business can smoothly run.