Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Product launching

Excitement and stress both are a part of product launch, and that too after spending infinite hours introducing the product, answering the queries, making a research and doing all these things properly to ensure that the day at product launch remains golden, secure and smooth. There are five tips that you must keep in mind to ensure a comfortable day at product launch.

Identify the target consumer

One of the first things you must do, before you even begin developing your product, is to identify your target market. To identify your target market, ask yourself the following questions:

Before developing the product, you must know your target consumers and market. There are several questions that will help you in identifying the target.

• The age group of the target consumers
• The requirements of the target market
• The education level of the target consumers
• The average earning of the target consumers
• Is the product gender specific?

After answering these questions you will be able to create your products according the needs and requirements of the consumers. This will also help you later in the promotion of your product.

Select a proper day for launching your product

There are particular days that are supposed to be better than the other days for the purpose of your launch. For instance, launching your product on a Monday morning might not get that much accolades and sales that you could by launching your product on a Friday or a Saturday. When you select a day for product launch do consider your target consumers too.

Make an offer that is just enticing

The first step before you make an enticing offer is to recognize the advantages that the consumers will get in using your product. After you get to the benefits of your product to the target consumers, make an offer that they just cannot refuse. This will boom and bang up your sales.

Declare your product launch date

The best method to declare the product launch is by sending e-mails to all the media, employees at the company and the target market. Make this e-mail very crafty so that it gets the due attention of the reader.

A pre-launch and post launch noise is necessary

The promotion of your product must begin weeks before the launch of the product. And this advertisement has to be carried on after the launch of the product too. There are a lot ways that you can promote your product with.

• Make a press kit and send it to all the newspapers, magazines and websites for a release.

• You can begin a blog about it, or an application on facebook. These are just some ways to attract your consumer on the web.

• When you make a blog or start writing articles, start by defining your product, its benefits etc. Post messages on online forums with your signature.

• Send flyers, brochures etc to the prospective customers. You can also do banner advertisement in your city and TV ads are also very popular.

These are some of the essential tips that will help you at product launch and promote your product in such a way that it gets maximum sales and appreciation.