Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Marketing Information- Free Sushi

Hi everyone, I’d like to go back to chapter and talk about the strength and weakness of contact methods.

To find the responses from a target market, the approaches are through 1)Mail 2)Telephone 3)Personal and 4)Online.

Last Sunday when I was about to leave Hyperstar, I saw a green stall written ‘Japanese Sushi’ on top. The waiter served us free sushi and he talked about the location of the SHUN restaurant (which is in Gulberg). He asked me about the taste, whether the fish was fresh. It was definitely authentic good Japanese food but when I was looking at the prices I was shocked. Two pieces of the tiny sushi is sold at more than Rs300 and a plate like this is more than Rs1200. Usually in Taiwan two pieces of sushi is sold not more than Rs100. The price is triple…

‘So do you like our food?’the waiter asked. ‘Yes I do’, I answered honestly. ‘Please kindly visit our restaurant! It opens from 12-3:30PM and then 6-11PM’ I spoke in a polite voice ‘Okay, thank you.’ After filling some contact information, then I walked away.

Let’s look at the modified chart on page 99

Personal Approach

According to text

According to me



Excellent. The waiter actually only served people who already know what sushi is.

Quantity of the data that can be collected


Fair. There were only one stall with two waiters, and they said they were only there for the weekend.

Control of interviewer effects



Control of Sample


Excellent. Mot people in hyperstar are decent people I suppose.

Speed of data collection


Fair. We were there only for 5 minutes, but I suppose they have been waiting for interested people.

Response rate


Excellent. I was smiling at the sushi all the time.




Class if you worry about where to spend your money then I think this restaurant is definitely a good place to visit.

photo from:www.flickr.com/photos/travelphotos/275944975/