Monday, January 18, 2010

Kiosk marketing

A "Kiosk" is a small stand-alone unit that performs a specific function, generally without management intervention and are generally intended to provide information to those that use it. Kiosks are generally small, mobile and are designed to help the consumer find information. Kiosks can be as simple as an information center designed to hold brochures or as complicated as a computer terminal designed to collect and distribute information. An ATM is an example of a sophisticated interactive kiosk with high security.
Kiosks have two general purposes which are as follows:
  • They are designed to deliver and collect information to the consumer in the absence of a human. They can provide information to more than one individual at a time, and they are terribly cost efficient in terms of delivering information.
  • Kiosks are meant to go wherever they are needed and stay there as long as you want them there. As such, they are rugged attractive units that break down easily and can generally be handled by one or two people.