Monday, January 18, 2010

Do-it-yourself direct marketing: secrets for small business By Mark S. Bacon

In direct marketing, you don't have to spend big to make a big impact. This updated, new edition of direct marketing whiz Mark Bacon's acclaimed nuts-and-bolts guide gives you surefire do-it-yourself methods for waging sophisticated, high-power direct marketing campaigns-at a fraction of what it costs the big guys. Thoroughly revised and expanded, this indispensable Second Edition covers all the essentials for success, including: The Internet as a direct marketing channel-from setting up Web pages to the latest, cutting-edge technological advances New information on reaching specific target groups How to use all types of direct marketing media-mail order, telemarketing, radio/TV, newsletters, end print ads Dealing with the postal service Insider money- and time-saving tips Dozens of examples of complete, "combat-tested" direct marketing packages, letters, forms, and checklists Strategies for identifying market niches, tracking responses, creating a direct-mail database, and much more The original edition of Do-It-Yourself Direct Marketing was a selection of both Fortune Magazine Book Club and Business Week Book Club. "One of the best books I've seen on how the small business person can use direct marketing techniques."-Dr. William A. Cohen, author of Building a Mail Order Business


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The National Mail Order Association (NMOA) has a lot of free information on this subject.