Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Consumers make the decision on the different brands available in the market. They will give the choice over the different brands. So there is a model that describes how the consumers make the choice and preferences over the different brands.

The Following is the model of buying decision-making: -

1. Total Set: - In this they used to maintain the list of the all-leading brand to those particular products, that are available in the market.

2. Awareness Set: - After that they used to make the list of those selected brands with that they are something knows and aware about their products.

3. Consideration Set: - After that they used to make the list from the list of known brands, about those they know something better than other brands.

4. Choice Set: - After the consideration of some brands, a list of choice brands those having the greater chances of acceptance over others.

5. Decision Set: - After the all of the process in last most preferred, most acceptable during the buying decision process.

It’s a process, which defines that, how a buying decisions are made among the number of brands available In the market.