Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Biggest product launch

The biggest product launch is a dream of all the companies. But you can realize this dream only if you carry out proper preparations. If your product launch is perfect and the biggest then get ready for soaring sales figures as soon as your product gets in the market. Following you want to do before launch.


The research refers to market research. Market research is recognizing the prospective consumer or the target base. But what does this have to do with the planning of your product? This starts with recognizing the target consumer and recognizing their problems and how can you help in solving these issues. The first rule here is not to provide the solution at the outset but telling your consumers that you know their problems and you have a solution. Your research will be about the product they use.


This is the phase to warm yourself up and build your contacts or get the e-mail list of your consumers. To build contacts you will have to get into partnership with some search engine websites like Google AdWords etc. or you can also get into joint agreements with the e-mail websites, for making an e-mail promotion for you. Open-ended questions are great for these kinds of surveys, as you would want their specific answers. After you have the answers, you need to make a report and send it across to all these e-mail ids. This report will be compiled from all the surveys that you made, address the troubles they are facing and the research.


Here you will have to work up big time. Utilize all the media tools that you can for following up with the trouble & solutions. Here you will have to answer all the objections that the consumers and press will be making. Pre-launch is to make your product social proof that is the product cannot be copied. And make the scarcity mental triggers for your product that is a limited quantity available. At the end of the pre-launch you would have to talk about your product. That gets you in the launch phase.


Launching is making your product public and making your sales page go live. This must make the consumers go out and buy it. You will want to amplify the social proof and the scarcity. The launch bonuses will have to be finalized. Notify the consumers 1 day and an hour before you start the sales. When you do this, you will note a strong buzz surround the product and this will sure increase the sales and make you launch the biggest product launch ever.