Sunday, January 17, 2010


“About making comparisons with other departments or organizations and then learning the lessons that those comparisons throw up".
Almost any activity can be benchmarked. Even the most complex activities can be broken down into component steps or parts for comparison with those in organizations demonstrating good practice. Even processes that are not directly comparable with those in other organizations can be benchmarked using Functional Benchmarking.
You might compare your department’s student recruitment, progression and performance data externally or internally, as a point of departure for asking questions about curriculum delivery. Two examples of sources of such information are:
 External
 Internal
If, as a result of this, you consider changing some aspect of learning, teaching and assessment, administrative, or management processes, you could use benchmarking to identify ways of improving these aspects of your department’s work.


Azeem Akhtar said...

In short benchmarking is solving the problems of ur department's work.Right???