Tuesday, January 19, 2010

8 simple rules for repeat sales

1) Give them what they asked for - close doesn’t count, exact does. Not once, every time.
2) Deliver quality – don’t bother delivering inferior product.
3) Don’t oversell them - convincing them to take a chance on selling two years worth of production in one years time is the fast lane to being a one-time supplier.
4) Become a valued team member – go above and beyond or don’t go.
5) Keep them informed – let them know about delays, pricing issues and potential problems well in advance of the rumor mongers ( your competition ).
6) tell the truth - don’t become overly enthusiastic and stretch the truth. Even if it costs you the sale.
7) Show appreciation for past sales - in my industry it’s nice golf courses, 2 hour lunches and leisurely steak dinners.
8) Show interest – either you invest your time thinking about their company and how you can help them or your competitor will.
These eight rules wht i think must be taken into account bkoz it can lead us to a huge profitable company and it will also satisfy the needs of our customers to a large extent.