Monday, November 16, 2009

Studying at the Last moment, sure almost every one does it !!

I work at the last moment because

1.I like working under pressure
2.I think I can do it whenever !!
3.I always get work done, and get it done well

For me leaving thing until the last moment is the right choice.

Why leaving things until the last moment isn’t always a bad thing ??

which would you prefer… getting something done in 5 hours, or getting it done in 1 hour?

Right. And that’s exactly where leaving things until the last moment comes in.

For example if you have seven weeks to work on a project,and you can get something done in the last two weeks before the deadline, and get it done well, there is no reason why you should spend time “working” on it over seven weeks.

It makes much more sense to get the work done in two weeks, and spend the other five enjoying other areas of your life

There is absolutely no reason why you should feel guilty if leaving things until the last moment lets you be productive. So don’t listen to people stuck in the traditional “busy=productive” mode of thinking. If leaving something until the last moment lets you be more productive, you’re being smart, not lazy.
A word of caution

There’s one thing to watch out for though.

Your mind is an amazing device. It lets you keep track of thousands of sensory inputs every minute, and still stay sane. Unfortunately, sometimes it turns against your best interests.

And one way that happens is rationalizing your decisions. Sometimes you make a decision based on a flood of emotions, and then later make up rational reasons. What could happen here is that you decide to put things off because you don’t feel like doing them, and then rationalize by thinking

Don’t let that happen. Remember the main point, – leaving things until the last moment is good if it lets you be more productive.

In other words, it’s ok if it saves you time. However, leaving things until later will often only cost you MORE time (and more stress), in which case do them immediately!

And that’s all. You don’t need to feel bad about leaving things until the last moment anymore. Enjoy!



i dint think so that this habbit is productive because at the last hour or even near to the final date you my get any problem, if you have done nothing about your project before it then even you can not stand satisfy your executive. it may be a good habbit but a litlle wor must be done da y by day.