Thursday, November 19, 2009

Breakthroughs and drips by Seth Godin

There are only two ways to win in the market.

You can create a breakthrough. A promotion so powerful that people can't help but engage. An innovation so remarkable, people can't help but talk about it. A pricing strategy or ad campaign that breaks the mold and is worthy of attention. This takes huge guts and substantial investment.

Or you can win with consistent benefits, delivered over time. You win by incrementally earning share, attention and trust. This might take years.

Almost all marketing attempts to do neither of these, and of course, fail. Painless and quick are rarely associated with 'successful.

summary: i read this on seth godin's blog and i found it very interesting as the way he describes how to make a breakthrough in the market. however, i dont agree when he says that almost all marketing attempts do neither of the two and fail. i would say that it will rarely happen that a marketing strategy would have all of these elements but i think it would generally have some of these elements and hence not all marketing attempts fail.