Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Brand” as backbone in marketing
It’s a fact that brand plays a vital role in marketing. if the brand is so famous, then obviously marketing will proceed in a better way. Now the question arises, how your brand can be famous?
One of the best ways for an entrepreneur to get a leg up in this competitive climate and distinguish you from the rest of the pack is to tell your brand story.
Story is how we connect with one another. Wonder why the emerging social networking sites are so popular? The answer is because people crave the emotional and powerful connection that comes through telling a story.
The best brand stories are irresistible, compelling and provocative in a way that your target audience is going to hear, seamlessly and effortlessly. Telling that kind of brand story will position you and your company as a leader in the marketplace.
The most memorable brand stories tell the unexpected, speak directly to the heart or dare you to live life to the fullest. Take Nike, for example. Its brand story challenges people to be empowered, to adopt a maverick spirit in life and "just do it." That story inspires, continues to be popular and provocative, and consistently strikes an emotional chord with Nike's fans and customers around the globe.
Also remember ..
1- An authentic brand story makes you memorable.
2- It differentiates you as desirable.
3- It brings your brand to life.
4- It gives you a distinct competitive advantage.
5- Your target market becomes hugely responsive.
6- It positions you as a visionary in your field.

Posted by Abd ur Rehman