Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Marketing Strategy Solutions

That Capture Value and Sustained Competitive Advantage For Professionals That Want Control of Emerging and Shifting Forces in Complex Sales
Fluctuating customer requirements and competitive forces are putting more pressure on marketing and are demanding superior sales and marketing strategy and tactical execution. The cycle time from product creation, to product launch, for a winning go-to-market strategy, leaves no margin for error.
The rapid commoditization of complex solutions calls for concise marketing strategy and timely execution, yet many companies are finding their best sales and marketing strategies are highly-diluted by the time they reach the customer.
From strategic marketing solutions to tactical sales training, from field implementation to the deployment of complex sales solutions, our customized business development programs assist our customers in optimizing and executing their go-to-market strategy.

Marketing strategy challenges?
1 Our best market opportunities are dismissed by the sales force in favor of the "easy and familiar."
This story has been repeated many times before. Learn how to provide the correct incentives, prospect profiles, accountability standards, and what we refer to as "Diagnostic Maps." The better the marketing strategy, the more precise the direction and the process is defined, the more likely the sales force will go after new business.
2 We're hearing too little, too late - and the competitor is eating away at our best marketing strategy?
Marketing cannot be everywhere. Field sales and service must be on the same page and given the tools to recognize vital information and bring it back to marketing. Marketing strategy revisions must be implemented immediately and precisely to compete effectively.
3Our marketing strategy message is poorly executed and becomes highly diluted by the time a customer hears it?
This is typical when sales and marketing have their own language, agenda and process and do not communicate well with each other. Providing a common diagnostic language and approach, across multiple disciplines, creates a singular focus on the customer with powerful competitive and strategic advantages.