Sunday, November 15, 2009

I Market, You Market, We Market Market

If you're starting to wonder if this title has anything to do with what I'm about to write on here, you must be kidding me cuz there's nothing I can write that would have anything to do with the title. Anywho..... Did you guys check out, Cristiano Ronaldo was in an advert for Clear For Men Shampoo. I mean as much as I hate the guy, the man has gazillions of fans all over the world. I'm no market analyst, but I'd say this was a pretty...... smart move by the brand. I mean even though I don't like him I would still buy an All Clear the next time out because..... come on..... the guy represents fame, success, money and ahem ahem. I mean really, this guy doesn't just influence Manchester United or Real Madrid (the two clubs he's played for) fans but, football fans in general. So I think my point is pretty clear clear (though I haven't stated any.... stupid me) that Brands use famous celebrities and public icons to associate themselves with...... You know what? I think I saw something like this written in the book, something about Opinion Leaders..... aaaah!!! I'm too lazy to open the book right now, besides it would make this article more boring than its already getting.

Another recent Advert I saw was Kareena Kapoor in the new SONY VAIO commercial. Her new slim shape....... a dream of all the girls we have out here and her skimpy clothes that help her show that. I mean COME ON!!!!! Could she wear any less clothes...... Of course she could, hehehe. Anyway, thats not the point. The point is that, ummm even if she does influence her target market to buy a VAIO, doesn't mean they will. I mean just because I want a Giorgio Armani Suit cuz its the official Formal Wear providers for Chelsea FC, doesn't mean I'll buy one. IT COSTS MORE THAN $1000. So I really don't know what VAIO are playing at. I don't think the teenage girls or the undergrads in India or elsewhere would be able to afford a VAIO.

But now if you look at Garnier. They take Ashwariya Rai and John Abraham to pull out a similar market but I think they'd be at an advantage seeing as most people they actually influence are able to buy Garnier products. And...... what else???? yeah.... a little bit of Pakistani stuff, but right after the T20 World Cup, Pepsi took Shahid Afridi in their Advert. Smart move???? you could say so.

So I'll sign off by pointing one more peculiar thing, I just realized the personalities and brands associated we just mentioned do not really compliment each other at all. You would expect to see Ronaldo in an Advert for a Nike (he already does though) and what Kareena Kapoor have anything to do with laptops or Football Club with Tailored Suits..... but these brands still use these strategies to great effect.