Saturday, November 14, 2009

Internet Marketing Techniques-- The Top 10 Best Practices - How to succeed Online?

Whether you are new to the internet business game or you’ve had your own company for years, you want to get the most out of your marketing attempts. If you stick by Internet Marketing Techniques - The Top 10 Best Practices that are listed below, you’ll see huge returns on your efforts.
1. Take care of your customers. This is the essential piece of business that shouldn’t need to be said but unfortunately it does. Lots of people who run their own businesses just don’t put enough thought or attention on their customers.

2. Market articles. Article marketing is huge. Write smart articles that are keyword rich and make sure that you create back links and use a resource box at the end of every article.

3. Use article directories. Once you’ve got well written articles, you need to get them published and out to the masses so that you can begin drawing business and curiosity from prospective clients with your articles. Use the Top Three article directories, to start with.

4. Keywords and key phrases-use them. Make sure that you’re not just writing about a topic, make sure you’re getting people to read the article and come to the site. When you do a little research, you can find the best words and phrases to use. Check out the competition-find out what is working for them and follow their lead. Don’t over use your words; however, you don’t want to chase people off. Make the words flow naturally throughout your articles and site. Keywords and phrases-use them, don’t abuse them.

5. Use blogs. There’s nothing quite as useful as word of mouth advertising and product or site endorsement. Basically, blogs are great big billboards for anything that people want to broadcast. Make sure to hit the blogs heavily to get your company name and site out to the most people.

6. Create personal pages on all social networking sites. There is a lot that you can do with the help of social networking sites. To begin a multi point attack by using these sites, you need to start by creating personal pages on each and every site you possibly can. From your personal pages, you can move on to business pages and then branch out to your niche market keywords and pages.

7. Make sure to rotate keywords and information. You should have fresh information going, don’t change things up too frequently, though. You will be able to figure out a good interval to change your information out after your site is up and running. There’s nothing wrong with keeping your eye on the competition. Follow their lead and make changes that work for you.

8. Get your friends on board. Don’t ask your friends for shameless publicity, no one will want to be your friend if you do this, but make sure that those who know and love your products pass the good word on to others that they know. If someone is looking for something in particular, why shouldn’t your friends drop your name and say hey, give them a try!

9. Make the most of affiliates. Use affiliate marketing to help you get ahead. You can get more hits to your page by having cross linked information and you’ll sell more product when others can sell it for you.

10. Advertise on free or low cost pages. Make sure you get your name in front of as many people as possible by posting ads on free boards or advertising sites that don’t charge you an arm and a leg.

If you follow these Internet Marketing Techniques - The Top 10 Best Practices, you can bet that you will see more traffic and more sales, quickly!



TAHIR AZAD said...

I think creating a blog is best way.. in a sense if u can mentain daily or up to date,,,, other wise people will leave to read ur blog..and they will no interesed in ur product