Monday, November 9, 2009

Fresh Graduates Vs Experienced Professionals

Young Vs Experienced Human Resources – An Overview
Starting out as a young professional one is more flexible, eager to work for longer hours and more passionate about coming up with innovative ideas for the company. On the other hand, senior personnel tend to have a great deal of experience; they have explored different phases of their professional life and use their previously learnt experiences to come up with better solutions in different situations.
Many employees with greater experience have a problem with relatively fresh individuals joining their departments because they take this as a threat. The reason is that the fresh graduates show much enthusiasm and eagerness to perform as compared to the employees in their middle ages. Thus, the elderly fellows see a clear potential that these young minds my surpass them and engulf their positions.
Being connected with the developing trends in business and marketing, the fresh recruits bring new ideas to the table. Alternatively experienced workers have better networking in way to develop their career. Moreover, nowadays, companies are using Social Market Strategies in order to be more marketable. Businesses use techniques such as blogging and connecting with customers on sites like and They are depending on the younger employees to lead the social marketing strategy initiatives; after all, they are more aware of the technology and are more internet-savvy. On the other hand, a great barrier that lies with the experienced employees is that they are relatively difficult to train, and not comfortable with new technology.