Wednesday, November 11, 2009

"Facebook Hijackers Speak Out About... School Project? "

I don't know whether you, enthusiastic facebook-users, have been victims of this hijack assault - well not an assault but a school project! I have read that:
Hundreds of Facebook groups were turned into zombies on Tuesday in an attempt to display just how vulnerable social networkers can be. Using a design flaw in Facebook's groups feature, a group called Control Your Info found Facebook groups where the administrator had stepped down, joined the group, claimed the vacant administrator spot (which is open to any group member when the administrator leaves) and changed the name to Control Your Info.

What you must be horrified to know that this stunt (the causes are explained in the article) was done as an experiment as a school project. The foursome, the guys doing this hijacking thing, belong to Hyper Island school of Digital Media. The project was to be presented on Wednesday. they hoped their project would be a success. Read the full article here.