Monday, November 9, 2009

5 Tips For The Fresh Graduates

Develop A Sellable Persona
Think of yourself as an advertiser with the aim of promoting your own self. Learn to benefit from your skills, and briefly state your achievements. Your persona should be professional and decent.
Establish Profitable Relationships
Business networking is a valuable tool to gain career-related information, increase your recognition in your field and make connections that will help you move forward in your career. Make new contacts and set ideals, people who interest you the most.
Master Goal Setting, Effective Communication And Time Management
These skills will serve you well no matter what future path you decide to pursue. Make the most of your time. Work with your boss to set specific, reasonable, and attainable goals for your present position that will help you advance to the next stage.
Stay Motivated
There is no doubt that the business world is quite frustrating; however, remember that you can ‘choose’ your response to your environment. If you decide to begin each day with a positive attitude, negative conditions at work cannot take that motivation away from you.
Respect Your Seniors
Always respect your senior co-workers no matter how irritating they get. Keep in mind that other people don’t care what you want; they rather want to know what’s in it for them. If you show them respect and maintain an obedient attitude, they will automatically start cooperating with you. By approaching negotiations with an attitude that allows both parties to win, you’ll be ultimately getting what you want.
It is a fact that every organization definitely needs a combination of experienced employees as well as fresh recruits. Hiring fresh or experienced employees depends upon the pre-determined attitude of the employer. Moreover, in every organization there are non-productive workforce as well as fine and hardworking recruits and this can be applied to young and experienced alike. Well-experienced professionals or fresh employees, both should show the best performance for the sake of their team, their company and their boss. Holding back because one is afraid of working more than others and not be rewarded for it is an immature belief.