Saturday, November 28, 2009

Top 5 Ways to Become Irresistibly Attractive in Business

1. Practice being 'Triple O' - Organised, Open and Optimistic

Organised may translate into how quickly you respond to things, how effectively you follow-through on your promises. Doing what you say you're going to do, behaving as you would like others to behave.

Open is about speaking the truth; being big enough to say 'I don't know the answer, but I'll find out'. It's about discussing the things you may often shy away from - your fees, your profit margins, your weaknesses. Being open means avoiding jargon; being knowledgeable, without being arrogant.

Optimistic is the ability to see opportunity where others see problems; to clearly empathise with a client who has concerns and create a picture of how things will look once you've performed your magic. Optimists avoid gossip, they challenge beliefs, they see a bright future and look beyond business cycles and talk of gloom.

Be generous 2. Be generous
Shock, horror! Generosity in business whatever next?

Being generous with your time and generous with your advice doesn't mean you're doing stuff for nothing; rather it's an avoidance of being hurried or incomplete in your support. If a business opportunity comes your way that appears not to suit you, think before being dismissive. Be generous enough to take in what's being said and try to find a solution even if it gives work to others. You'll be remembered for your generosity and generosity has a habit of getting repaid.

3. Shut up and listen 3. Shut up and listen

Like many of us mere men I suspect, it was something of a revelation when I grasped the concept that women like to be listened to. Often just that - listened to. We're not expected to find a solution, indeed in many cases a solution is not what is required. The same can be true in business (and not just when dealing with women).

Listening to our clients and customers is something we do all too rarely. Next time you're in a conversation and you feel yourself jumping to finish sentences or come up with solutions: STOP, SHUT UP and LISTEN!

Try reflecting back what you've heard, make sure you've listened intently and ask questions to take the conversation further. You may feel you have the answers (and indeed you may), but by listening more deeply you'll be giving your clients much more and you'll be forging a deeper relationship.

4. Develop the brand 'you' 4. Develop the brand 'you'

I think it was in the movie Wild at Heart when Nicholas Cage, after being asked why he wore a snakeskin jacket, responded: 'I wear this jacket as a sign of my individuality and my belief in personal freedom.' Ok, I'm not suggesting we all wear silly jackets, but we need to be clear on what our identity is; we need to feel comfortable in our own skin.

If you feel a sense of 'disconnection' anywhere in your business you'll not be comfortable. You may hate gambling, yet be working for a gambling client. Dislike junk food, yet undertaking work for a fast food outlet. In the long term it won't serve you well, because it's stopping you being you and others will pick it up.

Get clear on the brand 'you' and be faithful to it.

Be a model 5. Be a model

Best of all in the pursuit of the attraction principle is to be a model business person to those around you. Don't accept second best. Avoid unsightly confrontations at all costs. Treat all with respect and humility. Never think of yourself as infallible, don't view yourself as a star and don't kid yourself that you know it all. None of us do.

summary: this article discusses 5 main points or being successful in business. i would agree with the points discussed in these articles. however, i think that developing the brand 'you' refers to person marketing and i think that he has explained person marketing in a very confusing way. i did not understand the point where he is talking about developing the brand 'you' and giving the example of working in a fast food chain and disliking fast food.

article by: Robert Gerrish

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