Monday, November 23, 2009

  1. Design thinking is basically creativity (think beyond sth).Innovation is a by-product of design thinking.If we focus or target on certain groups then we cannot innovate.Innovation basically occurs by considering the needs, demands, and problems of each and every individual.
  2. Following are the startups to innovate sth which are think of cases or stories, brain storm, encourage cross functional training,understand and define problems, create a design friendly environment, discourage rigid roles,think visually.
  3. Following are the attributes within design thinkers that are given as we move forward.Observation, sense of wonder, questioning mind, willingness to experiment, passion for collaboration and empathy for people.
  4. We should be holistic, customer centered (understand the demands of the customers), outcome oriented, insightful (deep thinking), iterative (keep on repeating and changing and improving ideas and experiments for favourable outcomes though u fail because failure is good.It motivates u towards progress and success by repeating a certain process.


TAHIR AZAD said...

gud collection of points.. i was missing some of those,, thx 4 reminding me..

Cindy said...

When I was sitting there, I thought he had a typo of 'interactive' to 'iterative'. :P I'm not very smart.

Thanks Maha