Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Greatest Marketing Campaign in the History : Apple iphone

Apple's campaign to launch the iphone may be one of the most successful marketing campaigns ever !

Prior to the product's release

*2/3rd of the US population was aware of the device
*The hype surrounding the introduction was phenomenal.
*Over the six months prior to the product’s introduction it was the subject of 14,000 articles, 311,000 blog posts and it generated 69 million hits on Google

Marketing experts feel
that the iPhone campaign even surpassed such legendary marketing efforts as the introduction of the Mustang by Ford in 1964 and Microsoft’s launch of Windows 95. The iPhone generated more pre-sale media coverage than any other product, according to Al Ries, a leading marketing strategist. (Bloomberg.com) “Ask yourself how many companies can announce a product six months in advance and not just sustain public interest but even build the frenzy. It’s staggering to me,” commented Jeremy Horwitz of iLounge. (NY Times)

How did Apple do it? They not only created a revolutionary product, but they also were able to create an incredible amount of buzz, through a highly effective teaser campaign. Steve Jobs introduced the product at Macworld Expo prior to the launch. Apple didn’t give the product to the press initially, so they had to write about it and then they wrote about it again when they were given the product just prior to the launch. (Michael Stelzner’s Blog)

Apple then utilized video clips on the Internet and a breakthrough TV commercial that ran during the Academy Awards called “hello” with stars like Marilyn Monroe saying “Hello” to announce the release in June. Subsequent ads showed close-ups shots demonstrating what people can do on the phone. “It gave me the sense that I was actually experiencing the product,” said Matt Wills from the advertising firm Martin Agency. “They’ve spent some money on advertising ($100 million according to JupiterResearch), but certainly not a lot,” according to Ries. “The PR, the hype, the publicity, it makes the advertising more visible.” (Bloomberg.com)

The formula for Apple’s extraordinary success is really quite simple. They produce ground-breaking products that consumers want and no one is better at advertising and marketing them.


TAHIR AZAD said...

i dont think so in near future any company will spent this huge amount 100 million in the advertisement of their single product..
but point is advertisement doesnot make the quality of product batter.. if u r best in quality then u dont need to spent huge amount on publicity.. if apple will not spoent this huge amount on thier advertisement.. in my openion their sale of i phone was still on boom.

Rabbia Nasir Amin said...

yeah of course.. since iphone was a revolutionary product

and secondly Apple obviously spent this much amount on marketing their single product since it was obvious that iphone will definitely succeed ! and its marketing was a gud way to increase the sales

Syed Ahmad Hashmi said...

Healthy analysis overall. good work rabbia.