Monday, November 23, 2009

Secrets of good ads

A good ad has three characteristics:
  1. It is simple. It lets pictures not words tell the story.Ofcourse, all ads need some words but a good ad has a powerful headline and only a small amount of text.
  2. It is directed to a particular group of consumers.For instance, ads for face creams are for older women and ads for motorcycles are for unmarried young men.
  3. A good ad appeal to emotions and sentiments. Women in the 30-50 age group, for instance want to look and feel younger, so face cream ad tells them that women who use XYZ cream will look like the 20 year old models pictured in the ad.Teenagers want to feel popular, so ads directed at teens often show a happy, confident-looking group of young people using the product in the ad. Teenagers have a surprising amount of money to spend, so advertisers research teenage ads and fashions.

In conclusion, the more simple and precise the ad will be, the most and greater impact it will have on the people.


The Blogger said...

Maha you are very right, segmentation is very important in marketing. One needs to identify it's target audience to picth.

TAHIR AZAD said...

Sure.. when u r making an ad u should keep in mind ur target group and Target customer..