Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Common Eithical Dilemmas Related to Marketing !!!

Good ethics really affect an organization's success !! Marketing departments face their own particular set of uncertain problems pertaining to product development, pricing policy, distribution activities and promotion. Here are given the dilemmas and some areas where business ethics must be employed in order to controvert the common ethical ethical dilemmas prevalent over there.

Misleading advertising is a common ethical dilemma.

The ethics related to direct marketing is another concern of marketing departments.Customers may feel invaded by direct mail or telemarketing. The use of these promotion avenues should be governed by sound ethical principles.

Another dilemma is the marketing of harmful products-for example, tobacco

Marketers should attend to pricing ethics. Predatory pricing, the practice of setting prices to drive out competition, can be harmful to consumers so marketers must tread carefully. Policy designed to foster a healthy marketing environment must be balanced against profit requirements.

Marketing departments responsible for the relationship with a cause must manage it openly and honestly.

How their product affects the environment is of increasing concern to marketing departments.Marketers may be challenged by the costs of some environmentally-friendly choices but must consider their responsibility to society.

How clearly and in what way consumers are informed of price or size changes must be weighed against costs.

Marketing departments of resellers must consider the ethics behind their mark-up policies.

Distribution issues include quality of transport

Ultimately, ethics relates to organizational performance in generating goodwill for a particular company. This goodwill should translate into sales. Ethical behaviour by the marketing department will make the department and even the company a more attractive place to work as the company's good reputation will transfer to its employees. Motivated, proud employees will improve performance. Bad marketing ethics will destroy a good reputations which is arguably much harder to build than sales numbers.


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