Monday, November 2, 2009

NESTLE marketing and sales

We want Nestlé products to be within reach for every single Pakistani. Yet nutritional value and quality remain the most essential ingredients in all our brands.

Over the years, food products have evolved from mere commodities to a statement of lifestyle. As consumers get more health and quality conscious, consumer empowerment surges.

We continue to play our part in facilitating this revolution by launching value-added products such as CERELAC, NESTLÉ Raita, NESVITAand NIDO NNS and many other dairy and non-dairy products. Consumers can avail many of our products with branded active benefits that no competitor product offers.

Nestlé brands are designed to suit your lifestyle and your needs. You can take advantage of the best nutrition in a way that is suitable for your tastes and lifestyle.

For instance, you can purchase NESTLÉ Juices in several different sizes depending on your needs: a personal-sized 200 ml for on-the-go consumption, or a litre pack for your fridge.

All our key brands are equipped with the Nutritional Compass that ensures all the nutritional information about the product is accessible thanks to our user-friendly nutritional labelling and guidelines.

We're proud to be among the only companies in Pakistan to venture outside the commercial mode of communication, offering programmes catering to better child nutrition and good parenting.

We have developed an intensive distribution strategy that brings our products to your door, through effective communication, door-to-door sampling, and exciting consumer promotions.

We focus especially on Pakistan's smaller towns, where activities such as town storming, distribution drives and intensive distributor training ensure that products are easily accessible and visible, giving us a strong competitive edge.

Our widespread global network presents opportunities to learn from innovative techniques used in faraway countries. Pakistan has contributed in a big way towards this by introducing Nestlé NESTLÉ PURE LIFE to the world. Pakistan’s favourite water is now available all around the world!