Monday, November 2, 2009

Best Jobs in America

The world famous Fortune magazine compiled yet another list this year known as 100 best jobs in America. I suggest you should visit the link I have posted below. It's pretty fun to read how Fortune have evaluated the list. The factors put under consideration were salary, quality of life and job growth potential. The top 10 jobs are as follows:
1-Computer Systems Engineer
2-Physician Assistant
3-College Professor
5-IT Project Manager
7-Physical Therapist
8-Network Security Consultant
9-Intelligence Services Consultant
10-Sales Director

Luckily, the sales guy made the cut! Doesn't it gives us more reasons to study marketing? I am aware this doesn't directly relate to Marketing but honestly few can dispute about the interesting nature of this article. I think it's important for college students to know which jobs/professions are highly sought after. Here's the link for it: .