Sunday, November 1, 2009

Blog posts

Alright..... I assure you I know nothing about making blog posts, but I notice that the posts being made here get very little....... awww!!! who am I kidding, it gets no feed back at all. I feel the reason is that most of the posts are copy-pasted. Although it might be very...... informative????..... to read good articles, I don't do so. This is because I (like most... I expect) don't enjoy reading very much. But I would much rather enjoy reading views of other pupils about a certain "Marketing related topic". I assure you if I read something the length of the posts that ARE made on here I would actually have something to say about it. But as much as this thing should be "alive".... its actually that "dead".

Now I don't want to keep dragging on about this but I would rather someone comment on this and express his/ hers views about this.

I'd say:
1. Write your posts yourself. If you have some article that you found interesting to read, make sure you attach your opinion about it. That would make people comment on your opinion about the article.

2. Keep em' short. This is something I feel is important. People don't usually read very long stuff if it isn't Harry Potter. ;)

3. I don't have anymore...... if you do, post a comment.



Rabbia Nasir Amin said...

lol @ harry potter point,it's true anyway

and yeahh, most of the posts are really wrong and dry most of the time !! and no one really bothers to comment cos no one really reads the whole length of them

Haider said...

well..... they're not "wrong" but yea, boring all the same ;)

And my point about blog post is proven right. If its short, self written and well written (ok... maybe not this one) it does generate feedback.

thanks for yours.

looking for more...

Nabeel said...

yea you're absolutely right, the post are getting way too long which makes it boring to read them, it would be much more productive if ppl start discussing a post so that ppl actually learn.

M. Umer Toor said...

Can't agree more to Nabeel. Is it that we fear telling the what we think, or have we lost the power of thinking and connecting different ideas, however least related with eachother? Creativity can't "occur" if the mind is stopped from connecting seemingly unrelated ideas, or at least opening the mind - whether through analysis or synthesis?

Haider said...

OMG....I didn't get a word of what umer said after "Can't agree more to Nabeel. Is it that we...."

dude... keep it simple, man. You totally blow away the point by going sooooo DEEP in this.

make what you say EASIER TO UNDERSTAND. i didn't even bother to read it for the third time to make sense out of it ;)