Sunday, November 1, 2009

The 5 Great Print Marketing Tools Companies Can Use

The 5 Great Print Marketing Tools Companies Can Use:

Whatever marketing manner you adopt, there is no doubt that printed marketing mediums is still one of the best workhorses for a proper marketing campaign. While online mediums are steadily getting popular as the marketing manner of choice for most young businesses today, the print medium still has that big impact on most consumers that can't hardly be ignored by any decent marketer. In fact, there are five great tools that are always recommended in marketing tips as a way for a business to succeed. Just read on below to learn more about them.
1. The brochure as the marketing workhorse – the brochure of course is the great marketing workhorse for a lot of businesses. They are beneficial in any kind of marketing campaign, since they can be adopted for many uses. They can help in sales by acting as an advertising agent, while they can also help in public relations by displaying something favorable about the company. You can change them to act as catalogs, or you can even write them in such a way as to be a small instructional manual about your products or your business itself. There are plenty of great uses for color brochures so it is always a must to print them for your marketing campaign.
2. Color catalogs to improve sales – For a direct marketing attack on your consumers though and also to improve sales figures, nothing beats using color catalogs. Catalogs are a great visual as well as written medium that always touches the shopper's heart. There is nothing like a print medium where you can see all the products that you want at a span of a few pages and the important information regarding them. It helps people immensely with their shopping and it would do you well with sales if you have a lot of them being given away.
3. Business cards as an investment – You may also not realize it but business cards are also good marketing tools. By printing custom business cards for marketing, you and your team can use the cards as a kind of mini-flyer as you go around meeting people and potential business contacts. You can market your goods and services very personally to people, and the business card turns into a medium that lets people communicate with you (eventually) about their interest. It is a good investment in people and printed material, which should give you a nice extra edge in marketing.
4. Company letterheads and custom envelopes for image building – For mail marketing and even internal communications, having your own company letterheads and custom company envelopes is a good idea. This kind of marketing involves showing great designs in common materials that hopefully can impress people. The more impressed they are at your mails and the form it carries, the more attentive and welcome they are at your marketing proposals. It is a subtle but very effective technique at making people listen to your marketing message.
5. Alternative marketing through postcards – Finally, in all marketing campaigns, you must always try to find a kind of alternative approach to your marketing. This is your “X-factor” if you will that should test new markets and horizons for your business. One of those alternative marketing styles is the marketing postcard. Simple and direct marketing postcards can be a great help in spreading awareness and information about your goods or services. Everyone pays attention to the pictures in postcards, so it is a sure fire and creative way to get those marketing messages across. It is a proven tool for direct mail marketers.
So why not try out these great print marketing tools? It should help a lot with how you conduct your business marketing campaigns. Good Luck!