Wednesday, December 2, 2009


there are 5 simple steps through which you can do it. and they are:

1.Define your target market. This is the key element that will help you line out the direction in which your marketing plan will develop. You will first need to decide who your main consumers are. Some questions you might ask yourself are what are their age ranges? Are they a specific sex? Are they of specific nationality? Define exactly who you will be obtaining your most from and go from there.

2. Gather data. Once you have determined who you are targeting with your marketing strategy, the next step is to gather all of the information you can in regards to the needs of your customers. For example, what are the needs of your customers when it comes to your product or services provided for them? How often do they need your service or product? Where would they use your product? What are some of the negative aspects of your product? How can you attack those aspects when they are brought to your attention? What are some reasons people might want to use your product or services? All of these questions will help you when designing a more customer driven marketing plan. You can research your data yourself, or you can hire companies that can conduct the specific data research you are looking for. Remember, it is important to gather data from a broad range of the spectrum. Everyone is different, so you want to cover as much of your bases as you can by reaching out and gathering data from a diverse target audience (people of different ethnic backgrounds, socioeconomic backgrounds, age, gender, etc.).

3. Analysis of the data. Now that you have gathered all of the data, the next step is to go over it and analyze it. What does all of the information mean to you and how will you use it to your benefit? Take a look at the information to see if there are some things that stood out for you as important elements. Also look for any repetition in the needs of customers that were reported during the process. Both of these things will be important keys to use in your marketing plan to make it more customer driven. The data that you have gathered will provide a necessary outline for a productive, powerful, and competitive marketing plan.

4. Create a strategic marketing plan. Once you've completed the previous step, you will have an outline for your new and improved customer driven marketing plan. Using this outline is a way to strategically come up with your new plan. That is why it will now be called a strategic marketing plan, because you will have put a lot of work, or strategy, at creating this new plan to be more customer driven. You have the basic outline, now you need to expand it and make it happen. Explored all of the ways to meet and satisfy the needs or other key factors you discovered while conducting your research, and strategize your plan on how to meet those needs.

5. Implement your strategic, customer driven marketing plan. Now that you have created your plan, you need to put it to work. Make it happen. Follow all of the steps you planned in the prior step and make it happen.
Now you have been given the necessary tools on how to make your marketing plan more customer driven. If you follow these steps, you will be well prepared in creating a stable, successful, and competitive business that will be centered on the most important aspect when it comes to your business-your clients. Your new marketing plan will insure a bright future up ahead.