Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Tips on Effective Marketing Techniques

Tips on Effective Marketing TechniquesBy Elle Wood
We live in an age when advertisements dictate everything from which brand of toothpaste we should use in the morning to which mattress is the softest to sleep on at night. Film critics often complain about bad quality films becoming super hits simply for the marketing hype created around them. Still, one big problem about marketing is that nobody can guarantee a good return on investment on marketing or advertising expenses.
You book an advertising space for your products in the most popular show on the TV, but will have very few ways to find out if the advertisement is making consumers buy your products. There are some simple rules, which you can follow for cost effective marketing that will yield positive results as well.
Even the most conservative marketing analysts will now agree that this is an age of outsourcing. With so many advertising media available, marketing a product is now more complex than ever. Therefore, not only the small business owners, but big corporation houses also are outsourcing Internet or other marketing to specialist companies. The business owners or corporations no longer need to recruit entire teams dedicated to marketing and this way they can save a lot of time and money.
Cover all aspects
It will not do to advertise your product or service only on the TV, radio and newspapers. If you want to capture the market and increase your client base, you must give a lot of importance on the Internet marketing also. Taking care of all avenues of marketing such as the print and electronic media, email marketing, search engine optimization etc. will ensure that your product gets as much visibility as possible.
The aim of all these marketing is to make users visit your shop or your website. However, a high traffic is of little use if there are a few conversions. The leads have to get converted in order for you to get a good return on investment on your marketing expenditure. This leads us to an interesting concept of marketing, which is described in the following paragraph.
Pay per performance marketing
The pay per performance marketing is becoming a popular choice with many companies or businessmen. Pay per performance marketing, as the name suggests, is the concept of paying only if the marketing yields positive results. For example, a pay per performance lead generation company will charge you only if it generates quality leads for your product or service. Also, the lead generators will get paid according the number of leads they are able to provide. This system ensures that they will try their best to provide as many good leads as possible and will not focus only on providing numerous unqualified leads that will not be of any use to you.
Keep track of conversions
You should also keep a track of your conversions as accurately as possible as against the investments that you are making. You can use Google Analytics, a free online application, to keep a track of the visitors to different pages to your website. There are many other online tools available to help you keep a track of your online conversions. It is not so easy to find out which conversions are coming from your off-line marketing such as TV ads. You can resort to consumer surveys to find out how your clients have reached you. Tracking your conversions will help you identify which marketing method is working and which is not.

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